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Tomb of (the) Ancients is a level from Tomb Raider - Angel of darkness.

About the level[]

Lara enters a cave with forgotten bridge and things that may lie hidden for a reason.

Picture by picture[]

12.01 - Man holding two dragons

It is a gothic artwork from the Castello Visconteo in Pavia. Found it here and here. It's original location was Capitello da San Giovanni in Borgo.

12.02 - Gargoyle

A bit tricky but I think the gargoyles in the room comes from the Notre Dame in Paris. I said tricky because there are zillion of gargoyle types on  Gothic churches in Paris and other countries. But since the story is in Paris, I focus on Paris.  

12.03 - Mosaic floor

The mosaic floor is in the Louvre, I found it on Wikimedia commons. I don't have any more information about it. So if you do.. please comment on this page.

12.04 - Demon head

Tr6 12 04.jpg

The demon head's that shoot spikes remind me somehow of Tomb Raider II. But I couldn't find the original.

12.05 - Monks

Tr6 12 05.jpg

Couldn't find it.

12.06 - Medieval scenery

The medieval scenery came from the Territorial Abbey of Nonantola some 10 km from Modena.  It is a former Benedictine monastery. The abbey church remains as a basilica and is the co-cathedral of the diocese of Modena-Nonantola. 

Found the four images. These came from the main gate of the abbey and depict:

  1. Adoration of the three wise men.
  2. Mary, Joseph and Simeon
  3. Transport of pope Adrian III
  4. Samson and the lion.

12.07 - Roses

Tr6 12 07.jpg

Couldn't find it.

Unused pictures[]

I discovered two images that are not in the final game.

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