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Lara continues her journey to the Tomb of Tihocan… Lara kills the most annoying Pierre DuPont. I searched on the internet and there are several people with that name.

09.01 - Greek/Latin text tiles

Tr1 09 01.jpg

I don’t understand any of the words except “Neo” in the last row. I could not find it. I think it’s Latin due the “R” but I also find a Sigma sign thrid row and a Gamma in that some row. I don’t think that in the text some sort of hidden name is. I might think it is just copied from an unknown source.

09.02 - Face

I think it is an ancient Greek masks used of dramatic plays. If you look close, the masks has wings on his head or horns. I could not find the exact match but it look something like this. Masks of a satyr. Roman artwork, 2nd century CE

09.03 - Centaur or Sagittarius.

Tr1 09 03.jpg

A centaur is a mythical creature half man half horse often wearing a bow. In this position it looks a bit like the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

09.04 - Pegasus.

Another mythical creature. The Pegasus looks a bit like a golden coin (400-350 b.c. ). Found here.

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