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My analysis of the Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness levels

Levels of Tomb Raider AOD[]

The Murti Schofield documents[]

Murti Schofield was responsible on the story of the game. He shared some of his documentation in 2013. These files are shared on Tomb Raider Forums. I would also share the documents because information must be free.


  • Documents can be found here.


On 26 july 2019 @positivelyAmazonian visited London and meet Peter Connelly, Murti Schofield, Eric Loren, Martin Iveson and other amazing guys and fellas from the TR fandom world during @trdarkangel live recording sessions at Angel Studios. She got a gift the original notes from Murti Schofield.


In 2020 the original conversations of tomb raider are shared on the web, a part of the darkangel project.

Other things[]

These are other mixed things from the game.