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This is an article about the Easter Eggs in Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness.

What is an easter egg?[]

Definition from wikipedia.

While the term Easter egg has been used to mean a hidden object for some time, in reference to an Easter egg hunt, it has come to be more commonly used to mean a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game, movie, or other, usually electronic, medium. (source)

Parisian Backstreets[]

Tr6 ee 01.jpg

In the book shop (library) is a book with a face and "RAY" on it. It is Ray Tran, one of the designers.

Margot Carvier's Apartment[]

To be continued.. this comes later.

Parisian Ghetto Part 1[]

Tr6 ee 03.jpg

The two men are Hawk Manson and Ben “Smasher” Jackson. This is a reference to the cancelled game Fighting Force 3. It was developed in 2002-2003 by Core Design, at the same time when TRAOD was developed. But it was cancelled. Poor Core Design!

Cafe Metro[]

Tr6 06A 05.jpg

On top of the poster can be seen the word "Duggan". This is a reference to Fergus "Fergy" Duggan one of the designers of Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness.

Saint Aicard's Church[]

This is a well known Easter Egg. At the entrance of the Saint Aicard's Church hangs two posters with names of the names of the developers of the game. Since this sublevel is all about boxing, it was written like a boxing advertising poster.

Poster one[]

Tr6 07b 15.jpg

More information about the developers:

  • Richard 'Rich' Morton was the lead game designer.
  • Andrea 'C' Cordella was the lead artist.
  • Matthew 'Matt' Furniss was the animator
  • Daniel 'Dan' Scott was the FX Programmer
  • Stephane Denis was the A.I. Programmer
  • Paul Field did Level Scripting

Poster two[]

Tr6 07b 15a.jpg

More information about the developers:

  • Alex 'Al' Davis did the background system
  • Duncan 'Darth' Hopkins was a PC programmer
  • Simeon 'Sim' Furniss was an artist.
  • Andrew 'Andy' Watt was a producer
  • Darren Price was an artist
  • Harold Gilani was an artist
  • Phil Chapman was an animator
  • Jerr 'Jer' O'Caroll was an animator
  • Pascal McGuire was an animator
  • James Shipley did QA

Saint Aicard's graveyard[]

Inside this tomb (with the blue door). You can find two squares with names on it. These are “Raymundo” and “Lilith”. My suspection is that Raymundo = Ray Tran.

It reads as follow:

  • Lileth
  • Raymundo
  • Alan
  • Carter
  • Geoff
  • Davy
  • Aidy
  • Helen?

Louvre Storm Drains[]

In the sewers of Paris there is an advertisement on the floor. It says: Pizza Andrea, 15% off aisdb afa afe ge

Tr6 09 06.jpg

This refers to Andrea Cordella.

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