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== Voices (sorted on last name) ==
== Voices (sorted on last name) ==
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{| class="article-table" style="width: 100%"
|'''First name'''
|'''First name'''
|'''Last name'''
|'''Last name'''
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== Programmers (sorted on function) ==
== Programmers (sorted on function) ==
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{| class="article-table" style="width: 100%"
|'''First name'''
|'''First name'''

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This information came from multiple sources, like imdb and from tombraidersforums.

Voices (sorted on last name)[edit | edit source]

First name Last name Function
Joss Ackland Voice of Echkard
Tony Beck Voice of Anton Gris, Dealer, Police Helicopter
Rob Brown Voice of Joachim Karel / Henchman / Strahov Guards
Caroline Crier Voice of Francine, Kiosk owner and Paris Neighbours
Alain Debray Voice of Louis Bouchard
Oliver Deslandes Voice of Janitor, Guard, Tramp, Policeman, Radio police
Jonell Elliott Voice of Lara Croft
Davor Golub Voice of Pierre
Wolf Kahler Voice of Grant Muller
Ève Karpf Voice of Kristina Boaz
Eric Loren Voice of Kurtis Trent
Nicolas Mead Voice of the doorman, police inside building, neighbours
Philippe Monet Voice of Daniel Rennes, Louvre Guards, Paris neighbours, Paris civilians
Philip Morris Voice over and casting
Daniel Pageon Voice of Herbalist, Paris Civilians
Carole Rousseau Voice of Putai and the Paris neighbours
Linda Sans Voice of Janice and Paris Neighbours
Kerry Shale Voice of Werner Von Croy / Thomas Luddick /

Technician / Police Van / Prague Guards / Workers / Inmates

Velibor Topic Voice of Marten Gunderson and Cabal Troops
Marcia Warren Voice of Margot Carvier

Programmers (sorted on function)[edit | edit source]

First name Last name Function
Stephane Denis A.I.
Gavin Rummery Additional PC programming
Phil Chapman Animator
Matthew Furniss Animator
Pascal McGuire Animator
Jerr O'Caroll Animator
Graham Gallagher Animator & Storyboards
James Kenny Artist & Concept
Matt Charlesworth Artists
Fergus (Fergy) Duggan Artists
Wayne (Wayno) Elliott Artists
Simeon Furniss Artists
Andrew (Andy) Gibson Artists
Herod Gilani Artists
Damon Godley Artists
Jamie Morton Artists
Jeremy Oldreive Artists
Darren Price Artists
David Reading Artists
Adrian / Ady Smith Artists
Gary Tonge Artists
Nigel James Brown Audio systems programming
Alex Davis Background system
Mac Avory Camera systems programmers
James Graves Camera systems programmers
Stuart Yarham Camera systems programmers
Murti Schofield Concepts and lead writer
David Snell Conductor (at London Symphony Orchestra)
Peter Cobbin Engineer (at London Symphony Orchestra)
Jeremy Heath-Smith Executive producers
Antoine Charreyron FMV director
Anne Christine Gasc FMV Producer
Daniel (Dan) Scott FX Programmer
Mark Donald Lead animator & Concept
Andrea Cordella Lead Artist
Richard Morton Lead game designer & Concept
Richard Flower Lead programmer & Animation system
Paul Field Level Scripting
Andrew Cockell Manual Design
Amanda Holmes Manual Design
Andrew Thompson Manual Text
Peter Connelly Music composer & Cutscene and FMV audio
Martin Iveson Music composer & Sound effects
Peter Wraight Orchestrator
Duncan Hopkins Pc programmer
Ray Tran Physics System
Phil Callaghan Player Control System
Andrew Watt Producer
Stuart Abrahart QA
Richard Apperley QA
Oliver Clarke-Smith QA
Hayos Fatummbi QA
Lance Moreland QA
James Shipley QA
Steve Wakeman QA
David Ward QA
Jayne Whitfield QA
Colette Barber Special Thanks
Dana Dorian Special Thanks
Sue Mallet Special Thanks
Sandrine Nguyen Special Thanks
Chris Coupe Systems programmers
Neil Topham Systems programmers
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