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Lara continues her quest into The Cistern, a level from Tomb Raider 1. The Cistern is a level one might not forget. It has gigant rats and crocodiles, keys to gates and an annoying Pierre DuPont. He’s coming from strange places and seem to following Lara, and weird fact he disappears into nothing. He is a strange and most annoying bloke. It took me some hours to finish the game. But there isn’t much art in here. 

08.01 - Demon statue and lion heads. 

Tr1 08 01.jpg

The demon statue are unknown to me. It looks ancient Roman. But I haven’t seen it before and could not find on the internet. The lion head statue is also unknown to me.

08.02 - Sheep head and flowers.

It is called a Bucranium. I found the original at the website from the British museum, here.   

Bucranium (plural bucrania; Latin, from Greek βουκράνιον, referring to the skull of an ox) was a form of carved decoration commonly used in Classical architecture. The name is generally considered to originate with the practice of displaying garlanded, sacrificial oxen, whose heads were displayed on the walls of temples, a practice dating back to the sophisticated Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in eastern Anatolia, where cattle skulls were overlaid with white plaster. In ancient Rome, bucrania were frequently used as metopes between the triglyphs on the friezes of temples designed with the Doric order of architecture. They were also used in bas-relief or painted decor to adorn marble altars, often draped or decorated with garlands of fruit or flowers, many of which have survived.

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