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I figured out what the Amulet says. It’s not so hard..

Top part of the amulet[]

Tr4 amulet1.png

First the top of the amulet.

Tr4 amulet 01.png

Tr4 amulet 01a.png

Wer-H-wA makes: WHO.

Tr4 amulet 02.png

Tr4 amulet 02a.png

T-A-KH-I-S  makes: TAKES

Tr4 amulet 03.png

Tr4 amulet 03a.png

T- H-I makes: THE

Tr4 amulet 04.png

Tr4 amulet 04a.png

3-M-W-L-I-T makes: AMULET

Tr4 amulet 05.png

Tr4 amulet 05a.png

S-H-3-L-L makes; SHALL

Tr4 amulet 06.png

Tr4 amulet 06a.png

R-I-L-I-3-S-I makes: RELEASE

Tr4 amulet 07.png

This one is obvious: SETH !!

What makes: He who takes the amulet shall release Seth!!

Hieroglyphics made with Jsesh. Picture from the FMV of TRIV.

Lower part of the amulet[]

@a-return-croft-manor​ asked me to translate the base of the amulet.

Tr4 amulet2.png

As far I can tell it looks like random hieroglyphics.

Tr4 amulet 08.png

First part:

  • StX (Setekh) = the God Seth
  • `nn (ann) or sbh3 (sebeha) = returns or returning
  • S3b (Sab) = Jackhal (but it could also another animal)
  • Khaset = Desert / strange land
  • Seth animal + kh = Setekh  = Seth.
  • Unknown sign, probably an walking Seth god.

Tr4 amulet 09.png

Second part:

  • Unknown sign, probably an walking Seth god.
  • hq3t = magic or sceptre / rules
  • Seth animal
  • `nn (ann) or sbh3 (sebeha) = returns or returning
  • Sb3 (Seba) x 2 = Sb3yt (Sebayt) = Star /  travel over water / choir leader / teaching
  • g3, Hsb, Wha, Xpw (multiple meanings)
  • Unknown sign.

Probably The god Seth returns as a Jackhal in the desert (or strange lands), Seth. Seth rules as evil and returns as a star …. That’s all what I can make from it. It’s gibberish..

With help from the program Jsesh and the book Maria Carmela Betrò, Hierogliefen, de beeldtaal van het oude Egypte.