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It’s time to pick up where I got. It’s time to finish this level and the game. I am at the Sanctuary of the Scion the third level in Egypt in Tomb Raider 1.

12.01 - the sema symbol.

As the level progresses Lara sees the second piece of the scion on a block. The block has a symbol in it called Sm3 (Sema) which is to unite the two lands: lower and upper-Egypt. The reed and lotus.

The conquest of Lower Egypt To the legend of ancient Egypt, the countries were united by Menes the first king of Egypt in the first dynasty. He conquered from Upper the lower Egypt. In historical perspective there were kings in Upper-Egypt buried in Umm el-Qaab that are local kings like king Scorpion I, Bull, Elephant, Hat-Hor, Iry-Hor and others. King Scorpion II from dynasty 0 (before the first dynasty, not to confused with dynasty 00) was the first one that conquered Lower Egypt, then his son (?) King Narmer finished the war between the both Egypts. The symbolism is that every king should remain heavenly order (ma-at) in Egypt and that is to unite or to reunite Egypt and have 1 king on the throne just like king Menes did.

The sema symbol is depicted with Horus and Seth or Buto (snake goddess of the double city of Pe and Deb) or and Nechbet (vulture goddess of the city of Nekhen). The symbol can be seen on thrones or on statues.

The symbol can be compared with this statue of king Khafre or Chephren according to the Greeks. A king of the 4th dynasty, his pyramid is in Gizeh near Caïro (or Gizeh in Caïro today). This statue has an unique design, the god horus protect the head of the ruler, he is wearing a Nemes-headdress.

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