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The return to Egypt, is the first level of Tomb Raider - Unfinished business. It is an extension pack for the original Tomb Raider on the PC and Macintosh.

About the level[]

The level hasn't any story. According to Phil Campbell, one of the level designers. The level is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. [1] Alice followed the white rabbit to get into the rabbit hole. This time Lara Croft followed the cats in the level. Sometimes the track of paws leads to useful place, but sometimes the cat is a bit naughty. Phil Campbell has 4 cats.

In this level you see many references to goddess Bastet. Bastet has a sweet side: her cat form. Bastet has a fierce side: a lion form. She is then called Sekhmet.

Picture by picture[]

Picture by picture.

15.01 - Cat eyes[]

Tr1 15 01.jpg

Lara falls through the 'rabbit' hole and encounters two black holes that give light, like the eyes of a cat.

15.02 - The winking sphinx[]

Tr1 15 02.jpg

The sphinx of Gizeh winks at you.

15.03 - Replaced texture[]

The original texture was Horus as a bird. It has been replaced by a cat in attack mode. Which is quiet nice.

15.04 - Cat with a star in his/her eyes[]

Tr1 15 04.jpg

It reminds me a bit of The Terminator, at the end when the Terminator is damaged. Seeing one red eye. But it can also be a reference to the Chestshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

15.05 - Person speaks for the gods[]

Hunefer lived during the New Kingdom and had a neat papyrus which is very famous. His papyrus is on display in the British museum. In the City of Khamoon level the first picture appeared. This time it is edited and Hunefer worships a cat and two gods (Shu and Atum, the two are switched).

15.06 - Nice/Naughty paws[]

The cat paws in the first picture lead to a shotgun and some ammo. The second one leads to a room with a pit with spikes. I didn't hear the cat and fell in the spiky room ahead.

15.07 - Cat hieroglyphics[]

Tr1 15 07.jpg

The original texture with hieroglyphics has a sign replaced with a cat. De hieroglyphics are in a bad shape so I can't tell what it says. But it could be something that a cat says: feed me. (there is a sign that looks a bit like a crib).

15.08 - cat head[]

Tr1 15 08.jpg

The green structure looks a bit like a cat. Nice crafted! It was made intentional, because Phil Campbell loves cats. It is near the crocodile pit.

15.09 - Yet another cat[]

Tr1 15 09.jpg

Could not find the original. Seems like a Roman period statue of a cat.

15.10 - Cats teeth[]

This time Lara is in the cats mouth. You can see the teeth of the cat. It is called "Jaws of death". Picture came from Tomb of ash website: [2]

15.11 - Cat looking out of the window[]

Tr1 15 11.jpg

Cat looking out of the windows, real cats do the same. The cat statue lead you to the next place where you need to go.

15.12 - Lets go outside[]

Tr1 15 12.jpg

Outside of the fence there are piramids and the sands of death. If lara stands on the sands of death, she will die.


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