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Parisian Ghetto is the main level and divided into three levels. It is a level from tomb raider AOD.

About the level[]

This is the third level of Parisian Ghetto.

It has several locations:

  • Shops
  • A park
  • The Doorman
  • The Church

Picture by picture[]

07.01 - Hotel Eloise

Tr6 07 01.jpg

Near the Hotel Eloise there are windows with the same texts on it. It also appears in the Parisian Backstreets level.

07.02 - Wanted posters

Unfortunately the wanted poster is very blur. What I can see is Margot Carvier, Lara Croft and an unknown person.

There is also a girl on the poster and a red car.


07.03 - Tattoo shop

There is a Tattoo shop in the Parisian Ghetto. But it is not developed. There are tattoo examples on the wall.

07.04 - Herbalist sign

Tr6 07 04.jpg

Looks like a reptile for medicinal usage.

07.05 - Wanted poster

Tr6 07 05.jpg

07.06 - Deb Disques

Tr6 07 06.jpg

Probably there is a mixed shop: tattoo shop and disque shop..

07.08 - Herbelist shop

The herbalist shop, and sign plates.

07.09 - Moon and sun sign

Tr6 07 09.jpg

It is an alchemy sign. They are opposite but also the opposite properties attract each other.

07.10 - Dog doormat

Tr6 07 10.jpg

07.11 - Door

Tr6 07 11.jpg

Rather strange door.. In the unpatched version of AoD you can't see this.

07.12 - Iris shop

Tr6 07 12.jpg

07.13 - Iron wrought door

Tr6 07 13.jpg

07.14 - Gris box room

Tr6 07 14.jpg

The Church[]

07.15 - The Church

The church looks like similar to the St. Ambroise Chruch in Paris (11th arrondissement)

07.16 - The Church cross

Tr6 07 16.jpg

The cross looks damaged. Could be an error..

Parc du Lune[]

07.17 - Metro Porte Dauphine

I found a famous metro station in Paris it is called Porte Dauphine.  The building is a work of french architect Hector Guimard. The building itself is a good example of art nouveau. Which can be seen in Paris. The second picture is from wikimedia commons.

07.18 - Green monument

Yes! Finally. I was watching the news on the television and I saw an interview in Paris. I recognise the mysterious monument from the Parc de Lune. Yeey! So I look it up, watching the stores in the news report to locate the mysterious monument it was at Rue Laugier / avenue Niel I found the monument. I looked it up on wikipedia and noticed it is not a monument but a fountain. A Wallace Fountain.

Wallace Fountains are public drinking fountains roughly designed by Sir Richard Wallace and sculpted by Charles-Auguste Lebourg. They are large cast-iron sculptures scattered throughout the city of Paris, France, mainly along the most-frequented sidewalks. They are named after the Englishman Richard Wallace, who financed their construction.

For the large model, Lebourg created four caryatids representing kindness, simplicity, charity and sobriety.  Each one is different from her sisters, by the way she bends her knees and where her tunic is tucked into her blouse.

Street names[]

07.19 - Rue de Piolet

Tr6 07 19.jpg

There is a Rue Violet in the 15th arrondissement. Rue de Piolet would mean Ice Ax street.

07.20 - Rue Jardin

Tr6 07 20.jpg

07.21 - Parc du Lune

Tr6 07 21.jpg

I don't know why it is called "Parc du Lune", there is no park in Paris called like. However there is a park called Jardin du Ranelagh. It is not far from the Metro Port Dauphine. Both are in the 16th Arrondissement in Paris.

Why moon? Moon is also an alchemic symbol which represents silver.


Some of my findings.

Unused pictures[]

There are several unused pictures. However these are too small to look at it on the internet.

Hidden Janice[]

Tr6 07 23.jpg

Janice once had another location near Hotel Eloise. This can be seen with the Pizzadox program or if you have Nakamichi's patch then you can hit F2 and switch objects.

Two hidden cops[]

There are two hidden cops, also in the other parisian ghetto levels.

Escape door of the Serpent Rouge is red[]

When you go to this area, look at the red door, this is in When is loaded it appears green. The normal texture.

Hidden trash[]

There is some hidden trash. It looks like this level has some errors.

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