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Parisian Back Streets is the first level of Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness

About this level[]

Lara is chased by the police in Paris after presumably having killed Werner von Croy, she has blood on her hands. Werner von Croy gave her the address of Madame Carvier, a friend of him. The main goal of this level is to get unseen from the police and go to a derelict apartment.

Beta information[]

  • This level, Parisian Back Streets, was once much bigger. Lara could wander to the streets of Paris.
  • This level, Derelict Apartment, Industrial Rooftops and Carviers Apartment was once one streaming level. This is because the developers had a more powerful version of the Playstation II. The reason why it was broken down is because of memory loss.

But this guide for art and not beta stuff. So continue..

Known references[]

In this section all the known references are displayed.

01.01 - Sign

Tr6 01 01.jpg

This could be a sign referencing two developers of the game: Martin Iveson and Sue Mallett.

The sign here translates as “Martin Meallet, manufacturer of pewter counters, established etc.” Maison princip translates as main/principal house, but there is actually a typo here, since ‘princip’ does not exist in French, whilst ‘principe’ does. There will be many typos like this to look out for throughout the course of the game; obviously, the Core team’s French was a little rusty…(from the KTEB; The Secrets from AoD)

01.02 - Europe 2 posters

Tr6 01 02.jpg

As for those Europe2 posters plastered in the alley, it’s a French network of FM radio stations dedicated to Rock and Pop music, relaunched in 2008 as Virgin Radio. They’re everywhere as well, which makes us think that students plastered them everywhere, much to the city council’s annoyance  (From the KTEB Secrets of AoD)

In the Russian version of the game it was changed to "Chocolade Shock", credit by Jorge Croft on Tomb Raider Forums.

01.03 - News paper

On the newspaper is a picture of Franz KafkaThe picture on the newspaper should be flipped. Which lead us to the Czech republic where the second part of the game will be taken, somehow a spoiler alert.

01.04 - Iron wrought door

This door is locked, I need a key” says Lara, looking at the door (and having no key). The door is an iron wrought door, but it is not. The developers of Core Design used the design of iron wrought balconies in Paris. 

Wikimedia commons has listed a whole page of designs of iron wrought balconies. There are all sorts of designs. I discovered that on Rue de Richelieu has the same iron wrought designs.

Rue de Richelieu is a long street of Paris, starting in the south of the 1st arrondissement, ending in the 2nd arrondissement. For the first half of the nineteenth century, before Baron Hausmann redefined Paris with grand boulevards, it was one of the most fashionable streets of Paris

01.05 - Reine des Clubs

Tr6 01 10.jpg

When Lara crawls near the policemen she sees a dance club Reine des Clubs.

Overlooking this park is also a shuttered club called Reine des Clubs, which translates as ‘Queen of Clubs’. Whilst the French word for club is actually trèfle, there are a number of clubs in France (well, a few in Metz and Montpellier, anyway) that actually have the name of the club in French, combined with the English word for ‘club’. In this sense, Core has really done their research—either that, or they just wanted to slip in a delicious pun. There’s even the image of a crown on the sign. (From the KTEB Secrets of AoD)

01.06 - Place de Delphine

Tr6 01 12.jpg

You see a sign: place de Delphine this links to novel “Delphine”, the first novel of Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein. In the Carvier level everything is Napoleon-themed.

01.07 - Police Car

Core Design did their job very well in making the game realistic. The police car in the second picture is a Citroën. The logo of the Parisian police can be seen (it differs from the logo I posted here). It has a coat of arms on it of Paris (third picture).

01.08 - Bench

The bench can be found on multiple areas in the Parisian Back Streets. It is based on a real bench found in Paris (see second picture). It can be found in Paris at Île-de-France on the Quai de Bourbon.

01.09 - Library

Notice the head on one of the books on the left window. It has an inscription: "RAY". This is a reference to one of the developers. Read more at the Tomb Raider 6 Easter Eggs.

The second image is a more detailed one. It can be found in a cutscene at the end of Galleries under Siege, it is called CS_6_21B. Lara has waken up by Bouchard he and his car driver drives them to the murder scene.

01.10 - Bastide

Tr6 01 17.jpg

According to Secrets guide: Bastide translates as "cottage", which is perhaps meant to be an ironic joke given the shop’s current condition

01.11 - Rue Alphonse

Tr6 01 18.jpg

The street sign mentions Alphonse. It could be a reference to Alphonse Mucha, a Lot of art from Alphonse are in the Prague levels. If it is a reference to Alphonse Mucha then it is a reference to the Prague levels which was planned for AOD II.

01.12 - Unused picture with street sign Rue Eliott

Tr6 01 25.jpg

Rue Elliott street sign. It refers to Jonell Elliott, the voice of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 4, Chronicles and AOD. The street signs were used in the more open beta version of the game. It has been scrapped.

Unknown references[]

In this section are all the images with unknown references are displayed. These contains words that are a mystery what it links to. If you known or recognize, please leave a reply :-)

01.13 - Iron wrought door

Tr6 01 07.jpg

Most likely inspired on the iron wrought balconies in Paris. Source unknown.

01.14 - Barrel

Tr6 01 03.jpg

On the oil drum or barrel is text that could read either Rocki or Rocci or Rocel.

01.15 - Boxes

Tr6 01 04.jpg

There are two boxes:

  1. Box with marking: Roddard Le Gumes, this translated as Roddard the vegetables. Who's Roddard?
  2. Box with marking: Bière with a crown on it.

01.16 - STRE paint

Tr6 01 06.jpg

A box of STRE paint. Don't know what "stre" is...

01.17 - Hicho 100

Tr6 01 09.jpg

After gathering the key near the crow on the balcony, you have to unlock the door and crawl under a fence. In the garbage, there are some Japanese stuff. Maybe you can read it or not all I can see is “Hicho 100” or “Ichigo”. Japanese manga stuff, I think.  

01.18 - Dancing school

Tr6 01 11.jpg

The dance school of M. Roxby. That name "Rox" or "Roxby" appears also in the Parisian Ghetto part 1 level as a store Delphine and Roxby and in the Margot Carvier's Apartment as a can of "Rox" in her kitchen.

According to wikipedia Roxby is a village in the Scarborough district of North Yorkshire, England. But I am not sure...

01.19 - Head

The head above the window is from a relief. It reminds me of the art nouveau imagery in the Prague levels.

01.20 - Litter on the street

On the streets there is a patrolling guard near the library. On the floor is some litter. Although it is small some things can be seen: a paper with TNT? And an art poster of some kind of movie.

01.21 - Hotel de Eloise

Tr6 01 22.jpg

The same hotel can be found in Parisian Ghetto part 1.

01.22 - Rue Pantoufles

Tr6 01 24c.jpg

The Rue Pantoufles is not used in the game.It translate it as “Street slippers”. Thanx to Aurimas from Tomb Raider Forums.

01.23 - Place de Liberté

Tr6 01 24e.jpg

Place de Liberte; Which translates as “Place of the freedom” according to google translate. Also first seen by Aurimas.

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