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Lost Valley is a level from Tomb Raider 1. Lara enters the cave with the waterfall. She encounters some dinosaurs. There is not much art in this game, sadly.

03.01 - Maya God.

Found near the cog game. It is called Kinich Ahau (K’inich Ajaw) a sun god. Picture found here. Ahau or Ajaw (modern spelling) means “king” in Mayan. Came from here. Mayan,  ca. 600- 900 (Late Classic).

03.02 - king on a stele.

This one depicts a king before a deity or a man.  It is called the Moctezuma’s stone, now in the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico. The stone dating back to the rule of Montecuhzoma I (1440-1469) an Aztec king of Tenochtitlan.

Unfortunately there aren’t more artifacts in this level. So we go to the next one: The Tomb of Qualopec.

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