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Derelict Apartment Block[edit | edit source]

In the beta version of the level a policemen was supposed to seeking Lara through the levels of the building. The police are speaking English through their radio or shouting to Lara. It think it depends on when you pick up a radio.

Radio communication:

  • Cover the back
  • Call for back-up
  • Take the front door
  • Suspect on first floor
  • Cover me
  • Employ gas
  • First floor clear
  • Suspect has moved to the second floor
  • Second floor clear 
  • Suspect on third floor
  • Third floor clear
  • Suspect on fourth floor
  • Fourth floor clear
  • Suspect on roof
  • Call for air support
  • Watch it!

Police shouting to Lara:

  • Surrender!!
  • Throw down your weapons!!
  • The building is surrounded!!
  • Give yourself up!!
  • This is your last warning!!
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