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Industrial rooftops is the third level of Tomb Raider - Angel of darkness.

About this level[]

Industrial rooftops is the third level from the game. In Parisian backstreets she is chased by the police, she hides in the derelict apartment block but the police chased her to the rooftop. We start at the rooftop of the building and going to all sorts of industrial buildings, so the name of the level.

There isn't much to discover in the game, sadly.

Unknown references[]

3.01 – Iron wrought

Like in the first level, Parisian Backstreets, she sees her also Iron wrought work. It looks like it's mimicking music (notes, violin key).

3.02 – Turkey reference?

There are some graffiti in the industrial streets. One of them is called TRKY it can be seen as “Turkey” which is a reference to AOD2 (which never existed) or can be seen as “TRICKY”. Or as PositivelyAmazonian (from Tumblr) stated: it could be just graffiti, based on real ones.


Some of the findings in the game.

Lara dies when past the fence[]

In the past I discovered that Lara dies when she was past the fence meeting a doggy (even the doggy didn’t appear). If she goes to the building with the medipack and run around, head back then she wouldn't die and grab some batteries for the Vpacker stun gun.

Unreachable spot[]

Lara cannot reach this spot by jumping.. The other area is where she must supposed to be. Lara in the same spot accept somewhat lower. There is an invisible wall next to the window. 

Stand on the chimney[]


Lara can stand on an iron chimney, it somewhat next to the rope.

Hidden graffiti[]

Left picture is the wall you see in the game, however on the other side are three graffiti marks.

Unlimited sliding from a ledge[]


Lara keeps sliding and don’t fall from the ledge. It’s like surfing.

Goofing on the roof[]


In the cutscene Lara is running and jumping to a ledge. You can stand on this ledge. Running around. If you press jump while running or a backwards jump, Lara will spread her wings and keeping moving forward/backward.

Walking on the large industrial building[]

If Lara flies and land between two pipes of the factory (first picture) she can walk on the roof. But don’t make the mistake to jump because she would fall off. 

The roof has collision. But I don’t know why, because it is useless. Probably forgotten to remove when the retail takes off. But one thing: Lara can look all over the Paris levels: such a beautiful view.


It is possible to fly to one of the two chimneys and land on it. You won't fall of and you have a magnificent view on the Parisian backstreets.  

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