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Galleries under siege is a level from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

About the level[]

Lara obtains the painting from Brother Obscura Ghost and returns to the Archaeological dig. She returns to the same level as the Louvre Galleries. But if you think it's going to be boring: your wrong.

Picture by picture[]

14.01 - The X-ray machine

The X-ray machine is a not finished feature. It was original intended that Lara put the Obscura Painting in or under the x-ray machine to see the symbol. All symbols combined gave access to the SanGlyph.

There is a little joke if you look closer: "May we all live happy". It was made by "FD Corp" or Fergy Duggan, one of the developers. I count this as an Easter egg. See my listed Tomb Raider 6 Easter eggs page.

14.02 - Fergy is bent

In certain conditions, in the control room comes the message: Fergy is bent instead of . Of course it is known as Fergy Duggan one of the developers of Tomb Raider - Angel of darkness.


Some facts, some trivia.

Number of Cops[]

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Grab your second painting[]

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Grap more respirators[]

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