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The Colosseum is a level from Tomb Raider 1. Here Lara fights with tigers, crocodils, monky’s and with Pierre duPont.

06.01 - View of a building.

Tr1 06 01.jpg

I don’t think it is the Colosseum, it could be the long lost Circus Maximus or another Circus.

06.02 - Another view of the Colosseum

Tr1 06 02.jpg

It is just a view.

06.03 - The emperors seat.

Tr1 06 03.jpg

It is the seat where the emperor viewed the activity.

06.04 - The emperor’s furniture.

It is called a Klinai. A lying bed used by the Greeks (it is a Greek word), Etruskans and Romans.

06.05 - M signs on the roof.

Tr1 06 05.jpg

One of the goofs of this level. The MI or M are text from the “MIDAS”. Don’t know what they are doing on the roof.

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