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There isn't much art in the Atlantis level.

14.01 - Muscle like textures

Tr1 14 01.jpg

Some walls or floors in the game moves like it is a muscle or tissue. It was made by Heather Gibson.

In both Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II there are levels that are wilder in concept after playing a majority of a believable game.The settings are organic in nature and locations are real. In Tomb Raider Neal developed the Atlantis levels. How was this concept created?

Yes didn’t Atlantis turn out wild or possibly weird? That might have been partly due to the textures. Neal didn’t have time to do his textures for this level so I supplied them for him. I was looking into more bizarre sources for my texture library when Gavin arrived one day with a human anatomy book used by the medical profession. Perfect for me to use as a basis for some very unnerving and surreal textures.

(From an interview with Heather Gibson by Ash, found here.)

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